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We Provide the following:

  • Computer Repair
  • Networking
  • Expert, Patient, Training
  • New & Used Computers
  • Word Processors
  • Electronics Design
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Technology Assistance
  • Windows & Linux Solutions
  • Embedded Technology
  • Full Service Techshop

ORRTECH brings our expert services directly to your PC.  Most computer problems can be fixed the same day without moving the computer! We bring 25+ years of experience to your doorstep.   In the rare case where a computer cannot be repaired in your home or office, we will pickup, repair, and reconnect your PC.

We have excellent services
Meet your technician.

Don't fight with those cables!

Come explore technology with us!
Open to all!  Celebrate Robotics Week with us!
Orrville Public Library 4/21/14
Visit our  "DIY/Hackerpace" page for more information.


City of Orrville
Orrville Public Library
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Reports of the "Cypto" virus
are making news.  This virus
encrypts your data files making
it impossible to recover your
information unless a ransom
is paid.

Paying the ransom is no
guaranty that you will
recover your information!

The best defense is a good
backup and up-to-date

Mozilla Firefox Browser
Safe websurfing!  Don't forget to add Adblock!

Chrome Browser
Safe websurfing! Don't forget to add Adblock!

Avast Antivirus
Powerful Antivirus, free for the first year.

VLC Media Player
Plays videos, DVD discs, music files and much more.

Libre Office
A powerful, Open Source alternative to MS Office.

CD Burn XP
A free and easy way to burn CDs and DVDs.

Copyright 2014 Orrtech. All rights reserved.   Don't trust your computer to just anybody!  We have 25+ years experience in the business!
We cator to the
special needs of seniors!
We understand the stuggle of learning new technology.  We specialize in making your computer easy to understand, and most importantly easy to use so that you can stay in contact with loved ones.
We expect any computer running Windows XP used for Internet will become unsafe and unsecure shortly after the release of the last Microsoft update in April.   We can help!
Trapped in an old computer system?
Hate the way your computer works?
We've got solutions...
Still running Windows XP?